Lisa Rickey

My work is driven by emotion, intuition, and gratification of the senses.

The evocative emotion of the transformation of hard to soft while maintaining inherent strength in a seemingly non-pliable material is the basis for my steel work.

Steel because of its engaging and challenging traits of strength and malleability has been my primary medium. Steel is a seemingly stubborn material, strong and resolute, used to construct skyscrapers, ocean liners, bridges and towers, the strongest structures in the world. However, when properly coaxed, or if necessary, forcibly wrangled, steel can metamorphose into fluid sensuality. Through bending, beating, welding, expanding, and forcing, the obdurate traits of my source material yield to a desired form, different yet no less strong. My love of this medium lies both in the joy of finding its points of relent and its ultimate refusal to be diminished

My work, as I progress and experiment, still finds it roots in the sensuous contrast of hard to soft, flat and static to full and revealing. In working with lead, I also find that dynamic of a dense toxic material revealing itself as a curvy sensation with a beautiful look but don’t touch mystery.

My work of late deals with expansion and inflation of mirrored stainless steel from flat sheets to soft curvy “pillows”. I am intrigued their reflective relationship to each other and the environment, and the sensual inviting qualities that are produced.